Think Realistically 

Who we are

The Seventh Step Society of Canada is a national organization, promoting and developing the self-help Seventh Step philosophy in Canadian institutions and communities. The Nova Scotia branch of the 7th Step Society was established in 2013. 

7th Step is a program designed to help the recidivist offender change their behavior and attitudes using a basic self-help philosophy.  

Fundamental principles are:

1. Realistic thinking and

2. Positive peer pressure 

Our shared belief 

At Seven Step Society of Nova Scotia, we understand the consequences associated with being institutionalized and its impacts on the individual once they are reintegrated into society. We believe it is important to educate the population on how the justice system must change so that individuals who come in contact with it are not undermined.  

The Nova Scotia-based Seventh Step group is a rapidly growing branch of the Seventh Step program. We hope to offer a more holistic approach to the population they serve. Over the last year, they have had many non-offenders, students and professionals join their ranks. We know that a larger membership will help us in further advancing and improving the lives of ex-offenders.

This program does not have the answer to problems of re-motivation, but it does have an answer 

A much-needed answer for a group which wields great influence both inside and outside of prison

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