Core Group Membership

Become a core group member 

Who is Eligible? 

Any person who meets the criteria is eligible to apply for membership in a Core Group, with the following exception; The Core Group shall not include any individual as a member, if that membership would in any way, deter the participation of the primary target group from involvement.

Criteria for Membership

1. The applicant is sincere in the desire to get out of the criminal justice system and more importantly, stay out.
2. The applicant must make a personal commit- meant to change their lifestyle.
3. Applicant must adhere to the basic self- help concept as philosophized by the organization.
4. Applicant must be willing to accept the offender, the ex-offender, the non-offender and the professional as equal parts of the change process.
5. Applicant must be willing to learn self-discipline through exercising self-control, which may involve some sacrifice of former lifestyles.
6. Applicant must strive to abide within the law, regardless of personal or moral conviction.

Voting Process

An individual must be voted in by their peers either in the institution or at a community Street Meeting.  It is required the candidate attend 4 consecutive meetings and be hot seated on the 4th meeting.The person must receive 100% of the vote from the people in attendance.Once you are voted in, you are eligible to attend any 7th Step Core Group or Community meeting in Canada. There is no cost to this membership. 

Contact information

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