Outreach at seven step 


How we Outreach? 

The 7th Step society is dedicated to working within our community to establish partnerships and connections that aid our members and other formers prisoners while they try to rebuild their lives. 

This outreach can take many forms, from presentations in the community, organizing events and partnering with other institutions to create opportunities for criminalized people.  

Who can Outreach? 

It is mandatory that meetings are conducted by core group members due to issues regarding confidentiality and the sensitive nature of the content presented. Ex-offender members come to Seven Step seeking support and can be vulnerable that being the case, we make it mandatory that they wait until they are emotionally prepared to avoid potential relapses.  


If you are interested in participating as an outreach member we recommend that you apply to attend one of our group meetings to become a core group memeber.  

Contact information

Phone: 902.422.0456


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